How to use Drawing Sketches in Presentations

Looking at the past few years, sketching has been the only way to showcase a representation of a planned project and to visualise an idea. Today, designers have access to many tools to visually design and showcase design thoughts.

New technological innovations and software have been developed with the means to speed up design processes and make it easier to incorporate them into presentations.

Drawing sketches are still used in many different forms in various working fields; the drawing sketches used in designing are called Ideation and Presentation sketches.

Ideation Sketches

Most designers use ideation sketches during the design process of many different objects and products. Ideation sketches are quick to use and are mostly seen as scribbles which are done before the designer used CAD programs to build the actual 3D concept.

Ideation Sketches are also commonly used in brainstorming sessions between colleagues and to further discussions held with engineers and builders. These are used to communicate ideas and solutions.

Presentation Sketches

Presentation sketches are pitch-perfect advanced designs that usually take a long time to finish and design. These designs are heavily detailed, with all specific features and design elements intact.

Presentation sketches require much more precision work and detail than ideation sketches. They are mostly used in introducing design ideas to clients or management. Individual designers use presentation sketches to promote and showcase their skills.

Most corporate companies have cancelled out hand sketching all together, but there are still some companies using and seeking hand sketchers. Some of the companies still using presentation sketches include the automotive industry and design consultancies. In these sectors, hand designing is still vital to the design process.

Although technological innovations have furthered capabilities with designing and creating an easier and more detailed approach to designing a final product, hand sketching is still vital in some businesses and showcase real natural talent in designing an idea.

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